Friday, May 20, 2011

Mindy's house... (Book Nook)

Here is a fun little project. The house that my friend mindy just moved into had an abandoned little spot in the hall where a washer and dryer used to live. The kids were using it as a little play spot, so we decided to run with it. There is still a row of cabinets above the space and everyone can always use more storage space, so those will stay. We thought a simple little awning attached to the underside of the cabinets and then to a tab in the fabric and a tension rod would really define the space as a new "Book Nook" reading spot. Scalloped edges on the awning are kinda cute, like a little street boutique. Her existing bookcase would be painted a candy-apple green the same color as the stripe in the awning. Throw pillows in our color scheme will complete the look and provide lots of comfy seats for the little ones. We'll catch you up on the project in a future post.

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