Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little Sweetie's Room...

I thought that I would finally get back to posting again. I have been meaning to share some pictures of my little girl's room. I love how fresh and dreamy that it turned out. At first I wasn't sure about painting a room yellow, but I truly love this color. It is Ace Sensations (with the Scotchgard) in "Hepplewhite Ivory." Sometimes I walk by her room and think that someone has left the light on---it seems so sunny in there. The bedroom set belonged to a friend of ours, they gave it to us when they moved. It is a beautiful bed with a trundle, a dresser with vanity mirror and nightstand. I love it! It pays to have friends. So the bedroom furniture was completely FREE! Other items were collected around me or my grandma's house. The antique window over her bed was taken out of my Great-Grandmother's house. It is so fun to have little pieces of history, especially my personal history, in my own home. My favorite is the $9 window box outside of the window that is overflowing with flowers---I get to enjoy them outside and catch glimpses of them from the inside.

I used an old-school overhead projector to transfer the sayings and flowers to my walls. It was so easy to use a Sharpie Paint Pen (available at craft stores) to "write" on the walls. The room also has five little birds like the one on the word "Talents" hidden around the room. Sometimes it's fun to let Sweetie's friends try to find them all.

 Every little girl loves to collect jewelry and pretty things. I found an ugly music/jewelry box at a local thrift store for $4 and painted it a cream color and sanded edges to show the dark natural wood underneath. It a very cute little piece. It has a lot more character than anyone could know---it's nice to be able to give something old a new home.