Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to my House/Blog

Welcome, Welcome...

Well, this has certainly been a long time coming. I have been wanting to jump on the blogging bandwagon for years now, but, like all other aspects of my life---it takes a little bit. Anyways, welcome to "362 Salem Avenue," though this is not where we currently reside, that address has a lot of meaning for us. It  marked the beginnings of our family and my love for "Home." It was a little rundown house that my husband and I bought about a year after we were married. 362 Salem Avenue was the saddest spot on the block (complete with a toilet in the front yard and a pink fence). I will have to dig up a few of those picks to make you all more grateful for what you have---I don't know what we were thinking, we were young and reckless. We learned alot about seeing the potential in things. Ugly as it was, I still have the fondest of memories for that place. Well, welcome, welcome, to my home for sharing all things decorating, and design, and just whatever I feel like posting. Thanks for stopping by.

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