Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wanna Tour?

I decided it was pretty rude of me not to invite you in to see my home yet. I know that not everyone will like it, but I like it and I guess that's all that matters----but I hope you like it too! The best part is that I took these pictures when each room was clean and nice. If you could see the house right now, you would see me still in my pj's, a box of cereal spilled on the counter and a pile of laundry on my couch----Thank heavens for photography. I don't know if I'll get through the whole tour, but there's always tomorrow.

I have since decorated for Halloween/Fall, so I will post those shortly. When we got the house, I was always concerned about what I would do with that weird space to the left of my door---I always wanted one of those homes with a symmetrical entry for matching topiaries or trees or something---but we do the best with what we have and I actually like the fact that it was challenging to think of what to do in this space. Also, it was cheap---I have the breakdown below.

And Here's the Breakdown:

Let's talk details. The rocking chair cost me $7 at a garage sale---if you hang out on this blog long enough, you will learn that like 90% of my home decor comes from yard sales and thrift stores---amazing what people get rid of. Anyways, the chair was an ugly gray color with a granny padded seat. I got rid of that and spray painted it black and sanded the edges off. There will be more about this transformation in another post. The plant stand was 3 bucks at the D.I. (area thrift store), and when you have flowers like the ones coming out of this pot, the planter doesn't have to look that great because you don't even see it.

The pillows were made of an old canvas drop cloth and then I stenciled "welcome" on some old burlap that I had laying around. The "Welcome" design and tutorial will be listed on another post as well---or maybe I'll just do it now. Here is the the artwork for the welcome sign. I ask that you only use it for personal use and be sure to link back to this site.

My two favorite pieces on the front porch is my plant shelf and my iron welcome mat. The shelf came from a yard sale for $10 and it looks so good right now with little mini pumpkins and mums. The mat came from the D.I. for another $10---and after going through several other front mats that get worn out or are constantly moved by my little ones, this heavy wrought iron grate/mat is so nice and beautiful to boot, this may be one of the best 10 bills I've ever spent.

I also have a lovely bronze planter that holds a great fountain grass. It was actually plastic terra cotta, but I loved the size and shape of it. So I started by painted the pot with a gold spray paint and then rubbing the "Old Master's Dark Walnut Gel" all over it and I love it. It looks like an old metal/bronze pot and It has held up really well---impressed! So this is my front porch, welcome, welcome.

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